About Us

When somebody asked Jesus what his most important teaching was, he answered that each of us should "love God with all your heart" and "love your neighbor as yourself." (Matthew 22:34-40)  Here at West Bloomfield United Methodist Church, lives are being transformed by God as we strive to follow these two teachings.  In everything we do here, we hope to grow in our ability to love God and grow in our ability to love our neighbor.


One of the great strengths of West Bloomfield is the ethnic diversity of our community, so when Jesus instructs us to “love our neighbor,” we recognize that our neighbors are Jewish and Middle Eastern and Indian and African American and Hispanic and White and Asian and more.  When the congregation was established as a mission church in 1968, we began our mission statement with the words “we show the love of God.”  Almost 50 years later, we haven’t changed that mission one bit – we continue to show the love of God in all we do and all we are.


More recently, we’ve spelled out how we hope to show the love of God more fully in our community:


West Bloomfield United Methodist Church is becoming a more fully




community of love and faith.


We do this as a Christian community that:

·       worships and gives thanks to God each Sunday morning

·       cares for one another, for the West Bloomfield community, and for the world

·       helps people of all ages grow in the Christian faith

·       learns to share God's love in visible ways every day with others and all the world


Week after week, as we attempt to faithfully follow these ideals, we see God's presence at work among us as more and more people experience God's love in new and unexpected ways and learn to share that love with others.



Pastor Brian William

Since July 2012, Pastor Brian William has led the West Bloomfield United Methodist Church.  In the decade and a half since he became a pastor in 2002, he has made every effort to help the church be a place where people learn to love God and love others more fully through a joyful expression of the Christian faith.  Nothing brings him more joy than seeing others gain a better appreciation of their faith and discovering how to live it out in their daily lives to transform the world!